Festival Values

An urban, modern event

Three fundamental values define the Festival de la Cité Lausanne:

The Festival de la Cité proposes a range of uniquely diverse free events, including theatre, danse and performance art, classical music, jazz and contemporary sounds, shows for young audiences, circus arts, litterature, visual and fine arts, architecture projects and so on. A contemporary and urban event, it starts a dialogue between the city, its people and visitors, and promotes art in the city, on-location projects, and more generally the interaction between art, public space, and society. The liveliness of contemporary, living art is set at the very core of the city's heritage.

Breaking away from the social, spacial and aesthetic limits that are imposed by a specific location or a fee, people come together with art and culture. Welcome to a free off-the-wall festival with a top-notch programme set in a friendly, sociable atmosphere!