Artistic Vision

The Festival de la Cité Lausanne has concocted an intense programme, both accessible and edgy, which will include elements of surprise for most of its very wide audiences. Quality and originality are key words in the line-ups, which put together our favourites of the moment and creations, artistic encounters, multidisciplinary projects and surprise carte blanche shows with a focus on on-location performances interacting with all aspects of public space, whether it be urban, natural, or social in nature.

The Festival strives to puts itself into question at every new edition by initiating new projects, helping new ideas materialise, bringing about an element of surprise, in other words by doing things better - in a different way. Collaborations with the Festival's partners are particularly welcome.

A melting pot of diverse forms of expressions advocating open-mindedness, the programme provides a platform between young talents and experienced artists, local and international performers, all of which are professionals.